I've had a few instructors, but Martin was by far the best all rounder instructor! I thoroughly enjoyed his lessons - not only because he's a great teacher but also because he's just a great person to chat to, which makes the whole experience enjoyable. You're definitely safer with me on the road thanks to Martin ;)
Martin is an absolute LEGEND!! Patient, funny, and puts you at ease instantly. He knows everything and always listens and shares information thoughtfully. My partner and I have both been successful using Martin as a driving instructor and recommend him any chance we get!! He's the guy to get to pass the test and feel confident behind the wheel!! Geeee Whizz!!
I just wanted to extend my huge thanks to Martin for his excellent guidance and teaching! He is friendly, professional and put me at ease! In just five weeks of lessons I passed my P's first go and with "flying colours!". I would highly recommend his driving school to anyone! Thanks Again!, Mate! :)
Miles. P
Martin was great. So patient and provides answers to all you concerns. My son passed first go. i would definately use him again.
Just wanted to write a massive thanks to Martin (from learnerdrivers.com). This was my 2nd time going after my P's, since I was over cautious my first test and failed. With Martin's help I was able to pass the test and I feel way more confident as a driver on the road. Martin is very knowledge and super friendly he created a comfortable learning environment , he answered all of my questions and some silly ones too. He was very supportive of my driving and always believed in me, in becoming a safe driver. On the day of the test he told me "You'll be fine and just do your best" and with these words I calmed down and passed it. He is full of wisdom and he knows his stuff, Highly recommended him.
I never had any ambition to drive until I knew I needed to after starting a family. I had never driven a car at 34 so felt a little anxious! Martin came highly recommend and from the moment I got in the car, the nerves disappeared. Having no family with access to cars here and a really busy working life, i never had anyone to practice with but even with three week gaps in lessons Martin got my confidence going every time I drove with him. Martin is a great guy with lots of patience and knowledge. He not only guided me to pass my test first time but listened and gave sound advice on my everyday and work life. I am so grateful and lucky to have found Martin and wish him every success and good health to him and his family.
Dean Boyd
Before getting lessons with Martin, I had never driven a car in my life because I was too scared to do so but he helped me overcome that fear and made me believe in myself. Such a very good mentor with a lot of patience and humour, he teaches you everything you need to learn about safe driving. He is a complete professional but never intimidating and he made me realise that driving can be a lot of fun. Will highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an excellent driving instructor! Thanks a lot Martin for being a lifesaver, you are well and truly one of the greatest guys I've ever met.
Martin is a great instructor. He does not only teach you how to pass the driving test, but also teaches you to become a safe driver on the road. Regardless you make mistakes or not, he is always very patient. No matter how nervous you are, he always calms you down. He is also like a life coach, who encourages you and gives you confidence. He made me realised driving can be a lot of fun too. Martin is approachable, friendly, humors and professional. I have a lot of respect for him.
Only had Martin for two lessons before my lesson. He brought me up an impeciable standard of driving within that small time frame and allowed me to receive my P's first go.
John Hutcheson
I'd just like to sing my praises to Martin as I am highly appreciative of all his help! I did a 10 lesson package and passed first go, even though I am a generally anxious person and hated the thought of being tested! Martin provides a highly professional service, at an affordable price and was highly informative. Most of all I'd like to thank Martin for building my confidence behind the wheel, I would highly recommend him to anyone and am spreading the gospel through word of mouth!
Martin is the best instructor!!! If you want to drive safely, legally, no risk when drive by yourself and have confidence driving , go with Martin, you will never regret in your life. I was scared of driving on the road before even I was holding international drivers license, because I did not fully understand the road rule in the practical way. I was so scared of seeing a lot of cars on the road and I did not know how to deal with this type of situation calmly. I have been practice with two different driving instructors before but just for short lessons, and I feel I did not know anything still after other instructors lesson. What they did was just waste time and not teach as much as they can on the lesson.( it should not be like this because I am quite smart...) however, Martin never tried to have more lesson and he always teach a lot on the lesson and courage students to practice after lesson even not with him. After driving with Martin, I am very confident on the road and not scared at All. This is a big improvement for me on the physical driving skill as well as psychological aspect. He arrives early every time and finish late for the lesson to make sure that I learned on that lesson. Even sometimes the lesson wasover the time and he never charges extra. The way he teaches is to have all students drive safely on the road by themselves. Another reason to learn witn him is because he is very encouraging person. Before my test, I was very nervous, but Martin encourage students that we just do out best so we would not have any regret. I learned this from him and also I did it and I made it. I did my best and I got full mark. I am sure everybody can do this because we all know the rule and if we focus and do our best, we can do it. Today I drove a long way for the whole day to have a look at new cars and test drive them . I did not feel scared at all and I could even handle bigger SUV. The most important thing that learn with Him is students not only just learn the driving skill as well as a positive attitude towards what we do . Thank you very much, Martin.
Athena D
As a mature learner I was somewhat nervous about getting my license - it had been weighing on my mind for many years. Martin was fantastic. He was patient, clear and gave me a lot of confidence in my own ability as a driver, which helped me pass first time. Couldn't recommend him highly enough!
Giles Gartrell-Mills
Martin was an excellent teacher. I had 10 lessons and I got my p plates on my first go. Martin was patient, encouraging, kind, professional and has an effective teaching method. Couldn't recommend him more highly.
georgie lochhead
Martin is a great a guy and even better driving instructor. He is a very patient and down to earth person that gives direct advice that is imperative to passing the driving test. Thanks Martin!
Harry Vass
Great mentor and instructor 11/10, I would have not passed without his patient and understanding teaching skills and I appreciate it a lot. Thank you Martin
Daniel Meretz
Martin was a really helpful, excellent instructor. He really helped me gain more confidence on the road and I passed my test on first go! I would highly recommend Martin to any learner drivers.
Sophia S
Martin was a really helpful, excellent instructor. He really helped me gain more confidence on the road and I passed my test on first go! I would highly recommend Martin to any learner drivers.
Sophia S
Fantastic teacher!!! Very funny, encouraging and a great support
I'm 36 years old and 6months pregnant and Martin helped me overcome my fear of driving. It's taken me this long to have the confidence to take up lessons and Martin was a great instructor. He's patient and calm and had faith in me. He made me feel at ease and talked me through all the correct rules and regulations. Im happy to say I passed on my first test and I never thought this day would come. You're never too old to learn and I couldn't have found a better instructor!
I contacted Martin about two month ago as I had to convert my long-held, expired U.S. driver's license to an Aussie one. Martin truly understands his clients' needs and provides exceptional services. I am very impressed by the fact that he was always on time, picks you up at your premise and drops you off at the end of your lesson and that he sometimes goes over your scheduled lesson time and does not charge you more for the extra time spent. He really accommodates to your needs. The other thing I noticed about my driving experience is that Marin gives you full attention when you are the wheel. That means no talking on the phone, no text messaging, or eating foods. This has happened to my wife when she was with other driving school and I constantly hear others have experienced similar things. Although I failed my driving test on my first attempt (it was my fault for ignoring stop signs), Martin kept encouraging me to succeed on my second attempt, which I did. On the 10th of March 2016, I got my full Aussie driver's license and could not be more happier with the outcome. Martin is also very friendly and down to earth in a sense that you can talk to him like a mate. I am going to miss him a lot. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to take driving lessons no matter what level you are at. Martin, thank you for being so patient with me. I could not have done it without you. Jay Youn, CPA
Jay Youn
I'll start off by saying you're definitely getting more than it's worth. Martin is a great guy, he's straight forward and informative. When you do something wrong, he'll notify you that you would have failed if it were in the test and why you did. He will tell you everything you need to know, and is definitely worth having a lessons with him. When it had come to the time of my driving test, I had past it on the first go. I would suggest booking ahead of time as he gets full-up very quickly.
Marcus Wong
Martin helped me enormously the few weeks before I went for my Ps. He shared all the testing traps and fine tuned my driving ready for the assessment. It is really beneficial to have Martin's professional help before going for your Ps. I got them first go!
Very professional. Very detailed . Lots you have to know. It’s really great. Well done ! You’ve obviously have had to work hard to achieve all this. I am sure your students must adore you.
Daniel & Gwynne
Martin is a true professional, I envy his patience and my experience with him exceeded expectation.I would highly recommend "Learner Drivers".
Brittany Dietrich
Martin was an excellent instructor; knowledgeable and extremely patient. I passed on my first go and couldn't be happier with Learner Drivers.
Alex Bromley
Hi you all !!! I used to learn driving with Martin who had a highly experienced driving skills and has given all significant , knowledgable and useful driving lesson before I took driving test. I learnt with him only 15 hrs. Then I passed driving test. It's incredible and achievable outcome.
Mr. Martin Goldberg proved to be the most humble and caring instructor that pushed and allowed me to be mentally and physically prepared, in order to gain my license first time. I highly recommend Martin to anyone looking to get their license, along with gaining wisdom.
Troy Ginsberg
Martin is the best driving instructor. Before, I met him, I had taken a few lessons with other instructors. But there is a vast difference between Martin’s approach and theirs. He is very approachable and patient. I highly recommend Martin for anyone looking to gain confidence, drive safely, learn about their individual strength and weakness on road and work on them till you get it right with him !
Rashi Khanna
Martin provides new drivers with a relaxed and easy to learn environment in order to help his students achieve their desired goals to become a roadworthy driver.
Adam Albert
Martin was a really helpful, calm and easy-going instructor that instilled a very safe approach to driving. Would definitely recommend "Learner Drivers" to all !
Nicole Iliagoueva
Martin Goldberg is the best driving instructor ever ! He is a very calm and humble human being. Every lesson I had with Martin he would always make me smile from the funny jokes or to him pointing out bad drivers on the road. I highly recommend booking lessons with Martin as he is the best driving instructor around !
Ryan Sank
Never thought I'd get my driver's licence. Martin made sure I'm safe on the road. But in that course, he also became my friend. Martin's knowledge about driving and reading other driver's skill is exceptional. Basic instinct !!! I was nervous, but Martin provided excellent guidance and encouragement and immense in me. I did it! My friend Martin, I'm sure your students will always remember you whenever they'll get into their cars. Cause I do. A heartiest thank you my friend. See ya along Martin.
Dawn Rozario
Thumbs up to Martin !! He is the best and excellent instructor which helped me to pass my driving test in short period of time. Wish you a success ahead !! Once again thank you very much for your kind cooperation during my driving lessons.
Surendra Gurung
I learned a lot from Martin. He is a very professional and humble instructor, who will immediately point out my mistakes and demonstrate the correct approach. His mock driving test is very helpful and I would highly recommend Martin ! An additional bonus : he will show you where is the best fish and chips place to go !
Kenny Siaw
Martin was the first driving instructor that helped me get over my fear of main roads. He was very patient but made sure that I stayed within the limits of my license. I will recommend him to my friends and family in future for any lessons needed.
David Dahdah
As I was nearly 30 and had never driven a car before I was absolutely petrified to get behind a wheel! Martin made me feel so at ease and had me driving on the main road in the first lesson! I passed my Ps yesterday and I couldn't be happier! Martin went above and beyond to help me get my license, he really cared and believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself! Giving up was NOT an option with Martin and without his encouragement and support there is no way I could have done it without him ! Martin exceeded my expectations of a driving instructor and I highly recommend him. We now laugh about the 1st time I got behind the wheel ! As he says chalk and cheese ! I will actually miss our little drives !
Sarah L
Martin is the most patient, knowledgeable driving instructor you will come across. Always on time, always encouraging and guaranteed to have you pass your test. Before I started lessons with Martin I was a nervous driver and I couldn't park to save my life after three weeks with LEARNER DRIVERS I was ready to do my test! I would very very highly recommend Martin.
Ruby L
Martin was a excellent teacher i ever seen. Responsible, patient and knowledgeable at driving. I am so glad he can teach and let pass the driving test in one tim
Raymond Zhao
Martin is the best instructor ever. Period. Calm in every situation, very clear and reliable. He teaches you not only how to drive but how to become a safe driver. I got my P's on the first attempt because of how well he taught me. Huge thumbs up and I would definitely recommend him over anybody! Thank you again, Martin !
David Shvarts
I passed my P's test!!! And it was all thanks to the lovely Martin. He helped me build up my confidence after failing my initial test with a different instructor 5 years ago. I could tell the difference after the first lesson. Martin really cares! He is genuine, always on time and has a very calm demeanour about him. Martin practiced so much patience with me. He was exactly the type of instructor I needed to help me reach my goal. I highly recommend Martin for anyone learning to drive at any level.
From the very first lesson I had with Martin, I knew I was in good hands. Martin is clearly very talented at teaching people how to safely drive. With the guidance of Martin, anyone will easily be able to learn how to drive safely as well as effectively perform technical maneuvers such as reverse parallel parking. If that wasn't enough, Martin is also a very kind and polite individual, which makes learning to drive a very pleasant experience. If it wasn't for Martin, I certainly wouldn't have been able to go from a completely inexperienced driver to a P-plater in just 3 months. Whether you are beginning to learn how to drive, or are looking for some guidance before the driving test, I would highly recommend Martin Goldberg. You simply wont find a better instructor in Sydney.
Oscar Halford
Previously paid for 69.5 hours with a very expensive driving school and the two instructors I had somehow did not teach me how to reverse park correctly. I only needed two lessons with Martin and he corrected my reverse parking mistakes. I passed the test at Bondi Junction with 109 points. Martin is an honest guy who does not purposely teach you the wrong thing like other dishonest driving instructors. Highly recommended

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